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Contact & Info

Size sheet:
-Height: 1.72m
-Weight: 67kg
-Buste: 90cm-75E
-Waist: 69cm
-Hips: 96cm
-Shoe size: EU 40/UK 6,5
-Dress size: S
-Corset size: 24 inch

I’m available for:
-Fashion shows
-1-on-1 photoshoots*
-Webshop modelling.

*1-on-1 photoshoots: I’m available for every genre on my portfolio, with the only exception being ‘ Topless & Art nude’ work. I have very strict policies about this and only do this with creatives I already know and worked with before.

Practical booking information:
-For all shoot concepts, my rates are the same:
€50 per hour, conform the normal shoot rates of models with my experience and skillset.
(*I accept bookings starting at 2 hours going up to 6 hours).
The shootrate is excluding travelling costs, which will be added to the total fee according to time and distance to travel. These will be clearly discussed in pre-communications.

If the booking takes place outside of the Netherlands, I’d like to refer you to my Tour schedule. Here you can see when I will be travelling and if I’ll be near you and available for a shoot.
If you’d like to book me outside of my Tour schedule, extra costs for the travels will be passed on into my rates. These will be clearly discussed before hand.

-Time for make-up (approximately 15-20 minutes), clothing changes and a quick drink or bite, are included in the booking time. Please keep this in mind when contacting me for a booking.

Cancellation and Booking Fee
-Netherlands: I require 50% of the booking fee, 3 days before our shoot takes place as a confirmation of the booking. If the shoot gets cancelled within these 3 days, this fee will cover my expenses made for our shoot and the fee will not be returned.
-Outside of the Netherlands: I require 50% of the total booking fee 1 week before our shoot takes place as a confirmation of the booking. If the shoot gets cancelled within these 7 days, this fee will cover my expenses made for our shoot and the fee will not be returned.

-Shoots not confirmed by payment will not be accepted and cancelled immediately when within the time frame of these 3- or 7-days.
-At the moment, I only accept payment through the use of Paypal. I’m looking into different options and will update accordingly.

Other important information:
-I’d be happy to pose with other models or in groups, but before doing so I need to know who the other models will be and what the shootconcept will be about before I can accept the shoot/the booking. This also applies to workshops and events: Please give me as much information as possible on what the workshop/event will be about and who will be involved.

-If you prefer to work with a modelling contract or release form, please send me this in advance. I do not sign contracts I wasn’t able to look into beforehand.

-At no given time is it appropriate for the photographer or other parties present, to touch me. An arm lenght distance is asked to serve my well-being (and yours) and to prevent any unwanted or uncomfortable, or misread, situations. If it’s necessary: to get some hair out of my face or to re-arrange a piece of clothing: Please let me know what needs to be done and I’ll be sure to take care of it. If I can’t re-arrange it myself, I will politely ask for help in which case, I will give permission to help me do so.
-When my personal boundaries are overstepped or disrespected, I reserve the right to cancel the shoot there and then and will expect to be paid in full.

-If the shoot takes place outdoors or in a extremely cold/warm environment, please let me know so beforehand. This way I can properly prepare myself. If the conditions are too extreme to handle, I expect you to respect my boundaries when my limit has been reached. I’ll need some time to warm up/cool down afterwards and this time will be included in the total booking time.

Do you have any questions left or want to inquire about a booking? Please fill in the form below.
Tell me a little bit about who you are, where you’re from and what the question/booking is about. Don’t forget to add a link to your website/portfolio/social media, if you have your work online.