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Contact & Info

Size sheet:
-Height: 1.72m
-Weight: 70kg
-Buste: 92cm-75E
-Waist: 72cm
-Hips: 101cm
-Shoe size: EU 40/UK 6,5
-Dress size: S/M
-Corset size: 24 inch

I’m available for:
-Fashion shows
-1-on-1 photoshoots*
-Webshop modelling.

*1-on-1 photoshoots: I’m available for every genre on my portfolio, with the only exception being ‘ Art nude’ work. I have very strict policies about this and only do this with creatives I already know and worked with before.

Want to book me or do you have any questions/enquiries? Please fill in the form below.
Tell me a little bit about who you are and what the question/booking is about. Don’t forget to add a link to your website/portfolio/social media, if you have your work online.